Iced Red Eye Coffee: What Is It & How to Make It at Home

What is iced red-eye coffee?

An iced red eye is a coffee beverage made by combining brewed coffee with espresso and serving it over ice. It’s a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, with a rich and flavorful taste that can help wake you up and give you energy for the day ahead.

what is iced red eye coffee

For coffee enthusiasts, iced red eyes are a favorite due to their intense and enjoyable flavor, which many people find more satisfying than regular iced coffee. Adding cold milk or cream can help balance out the flavors and create a refreshing and energizing drink, but we’ll discuss this in more detail later.

Moreover, the added espresso provides an extra boost of energy to help you power through your day. So, if you’re searching for a delicious and invigorating way to kickstart your day, give an iced red eye a try!

How to Make Iced Red-Eye Coffee 

It’s convenient and highly recommended to make an iced red-eye coffee from the comfort of your home using easily available ingredients and equipment. Follow this recipe and taste the magic! 

how to make iced red eye coffee

Iced Red-Eye Coffee Recipe

Follow this recipe and taste the magic!
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword iced red eye coffee recipe, iced redeye coffee recipe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Servings 1 people
Calories 2kcal


  • Espresso machine
  • Coffee Mug
  • Measuring cup 


  • 2 Shots Espresso
  • 4 Ounce Cold Brew Concentrate
  • Ice cubes


  • Make your espresso and then place it in a coffee mug.
    2. Fill the remaining space of the mug with ice cubes until nearly full.
    3. Pour the cold brew concentrate into the mug, over the ice cubes.
    4. Stir until everything is evenly mixed and enjoy!


Iced red-eye coffee is a great way to get your caffeine fix while avoiding hot drinks in hot weather. With its strong espresso and mellow cold brew, it's sure to satisfy your taste buds as well as provide you with an extra burst of energy.  

Pro tips 

1.If you want to make the most robust version of the iced red-eye coffee, use the French Press coffee, and it will produce a perfect brew. 

2.Try other coffee brews versions such as Chemex and other coffee equipment for a refreshing and well-balanced red-eye coffee drink.

Personally, I prefer using the French press to make an iced red-eye coffee because of its higher caffeine levels. Balancing this out requires using lots of ice cubes as this preserves the natural flavor despite excessive dilution. 

Which coffee beans are best used for this recipe?

which coffee beans are best used for this recipe

For the best-tasting iced red-eye recipe, use fresh coffee beans. Choose a dark roast for deep and robust flavors with hints of smokiness or nuttiness. A medium roast also works well too, offering sweet and balanced tones. Due to the popularity of espresso, it makes sense that one focuses on the best coffee beans for the same. 

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

best coffee beans for espresso

I recommend using a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica has sweet and delicate flavors while the Robusta adds body, intensity, and bitterness to the recipe. You should also look for high-quality beans that are organic or fair trade certified. 

The grind size is also important for making an iced red-eye recipe. Use a finely ground espresso for the recipe as it helps extract more flavor and create more crema (foamy layer on Espresso).

Finally, for the coffee roast,  dark roast beans are best for this recipe. Dark roasts have a bold and intense flavor, with notes of smokiness or nuttiness. 

Adds-on for Iced Red-eye coffee 

You can always play around with your recipe by adding cream, milk, or sugar. Adding some flavoring such as vanilla or caramel also works well to enhance the taste and make it more decadent. You may also add cold foam on top of your recipe for a smoother texture. If you prefer sweeter drinks, agave or honey also make good alternatives to white sugar. 

Iced red-eye coffee is an interesting but straightforward recipe that offers a great balance of flavors and an energizing boost from the espresso. With the right ingredients and equipment, you can make this delicious recipe at home.

Why Drink the Iced Red-eye Coffee? 

Iced Red-eye Coffee is the perfect recipe for people who want a cold and energizing drink without compromising on taste. The combination of espresso and cold brew provides a unique flavor, unlike any other beverage. It’s sure to be your go-to recipe when you need a boost of energy! 

It’s also a perfect brew for someone who wants to simply experience new tastes and flavors. Go out and get creative with coffee for an optimal and truly memorable experience. Defy the norm and find your ideal coffee drink!

So, why not make yourself an iced red-eye and enjoy the unique flavor experience it offers. Let’s know what you think about it!

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