Ristretto vs Espresso: What are the Differences and which is better?

Espresso and ristretto are two types of coffee drinks that vary in their caffeine level, taste profile, and overall properties. Although they may look alike on the surface, there are differences between an espresso and a ristretto that make them unique.

What is Ristretto?

what is ristretto shot

Ristretto is an Italian term meaning “restricted” and is a type of espresso with a stronger flavor due to its more concentrated extraction. To make this drink, only the first half of the espresso shot is used, reducing the volume compared to an espresso. This results in higher concentrations of caffeine and other compounds, which have a more intense flavor.

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What is Espresso?

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An espresso is a base for many types of coffee drinks, and it’s made by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans. This creates a strong concentrated coffee shot that has higher caffeine content than other coffee varieties. A standard espresso has a creamy texture with a strong flavor that is balanced by the sweetness of the coffee bean oils.

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What is The Key Difference Between Ristretto and Espresso Coffee

The main differences between an espresso and a ristretto are the caffeine content, volume, taste profile, and overall properties. Espresso has more water than a ristretto, which means it has lower concentrations of caffeine and other compounds. This translates to a softer and more balanced flavor profile. A ristretto, on the other hand, has higher concentrations of caffeine and other compounds which makes it have a more intense flavor with more body than an espresso. Additionally, the size of each drink is different – an espresso will be double the size of a ristretto.

what is ristretto vs espresso

Recipe Differences

The process of making an espresso starts with freshly ground coffee beans that are tamped down into the portafilter. Hot water is then forced through the grinds at a pressure of 9 bars and highly concentrated coffee is extracted into an espresso cup. Making a ristretto follows thame steps but with less water, meaning that it has a higher concentration of coffee than espresso.

Flavor Differences

Espresso and a ristretto don’t just differ at the amount of water used. An espresso generally has a stronger, more intense flavor compared to a ristretto. This is because an espresso contains more caffeine than a ristretto, which makes it bolder in taste and richer in aroma.

Caffeine content

While espresso has a caffeine content of around 100-150mg, a ristretto typically contains only 40-50mg of caffeine.  Therefore, the ristretto is the better option if you’re looking for a coffee with less caffeine.

Overall Quality

Espresso is generally smoother and more balanced than a ristretto due to its lower concentration of coffee. On the other hand, a ristretto has an intense flavor that can be too strong for some people.  Ultimately, the differences between an espresso and a ristretto all come down to personal preference.

Make Your Choice

The differences between espresso and a ristretto should be understood when making your beverage of choice. There are differences in flavor, strength, volume and overall quality of these two drinks that make them unique. Understanding these differences will help you choose the right drink and enjoy it to its fullest.  Ultimately, both espresso and a ristretto are delicious drinks that provide an enjoyable experience!

While espresso is generally smoother and more balanced than a ristretto, the differences between them come down to personal preference. The choice will ultimately depend on individual taste and desired caffeine content.


Why do people drink ristretto?

It is a stronger, more intense form of espresso. Many coffee drinkers prefer the ristretto shot because it has a higher caffeine content than that of an espresso.

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