Coffee Statistics: Enduring History in Figures

Coffee remains a favorite beverage consumed globally and is only surpassed in popularity by water.

Here, we look at some of the most interesting statistics about the beloved coffee drink and hope to keep updating as empirical data shifts.

Some of the figures make for an interesting read.

Top Countries in Coffee Consumption

Top Countries in Coffee Consumption

The top 10 countries in coffee consumption are:

Have you managed to read our blog on International Coffee Day? That’s one of the most important calendar days for coffee lovers. It celebrates the heritage of this beverage and acknowledges its unique role in society for ages.

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) provides data on the dynamics of everything, including consumption patterns. In its most recent rankings, guess which country emerged as the highest coffee consumer?

Hint: It’s not a superpower.

Finland is the top coffee consumer globally. Annually, Finns consume an envious 12 kilos per capita, which is nothing short of breathtaking. Intriguingly, countries within the region closely follow behind. Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, and Slovenia top the list of top coffee consumers globally, far ahead of standard countries like the USA which don’t meet the cut on this list with an annual consumption of 3 kilos per capita a year.

  1. Finland – 12 kg per capita
  2. Norway – 9.9 kg per capita
  3. Iceland – 9 kg per capita
  4. Denmark – 8.7kg per capita
  5. Netherlands – 8.4 kg per capita
  6. Slovenia- 7.9 kg per capita
  7. Austria – 7.5 kg per capita
  8. Switzerland – 6.9 kg per capita
  9. Belgium – 6.8 kg per capita
  10. Sweden – 6.5 kg per capita

coffee consumption by country

The top three countries account for over a third of world coffee consumption with Finland being the top consumer of coffee. Unlike the Starbucks mania experienced in the US, Finland prefers preparing coffee made from a drip coffee maker, rather than the modern methods.

Did you know?

The most expensive coffee in the world is Kopi Luwak, which is priced at $160 per pound. It is made from partially digested beans eaten and then excreted by an Asian animal called a Civet.

Top Profession Coffee Consumers

Top Profession Coffee Consumers

Now, this is a topic we all would want to know. Truth is, all professions have a fair share of coffee enthusiasts. However, according to a survey conducted by Career Builder, it is top-level executives are found carrying their coffee mugs everywhere. Executives top the list of professionals who must consume coffee with 76% of them stating they consume at least one cup a day.

Here are the top 10 professionals renowned for coffee consumption.

  1. Executives – 76%
  2. Marketing/Public relations professionals – 66%
  3. Sales representatives – 62%
  4. Managers – 60%
  5. Business owners/Entrepreneurs – 55 %
  6. Administrative assistants – 54 %
  7. IT Professionals – 53 %
  8. Engineers – 49 %
  9. Accountants/ Finance Professionals – 48%
  10. Customer service representatives – 44%

coffee consumption by profession

We hope this sheds light on the top statistics about coffee consumption around the world and gives you a better understanding of the favorite beverage that has its own day of celebration!

Notably, this also gives you some insights into why that high-flying executive who works at the corner office enjoys the most expensive coffee maker. It’s all part of their culture. It’s a pity most of the professionals seem to share a work environment. Most executives have representatives and managers clogged in their schedules. The coffee machines pay the ultimate prize.

Which Metropolitans consume the most coffee in the US?

An edition survey also showed some interesting insights into US spending trends on coffee. The top three states that consume coffee are:

  1. New York – 38%
  2. California – 32%
  3. Illinois- 26%.

Did you know?

Coffee has become an integral part of most American lifestyles, with over half the population consuming coffee every day and a quarter of them drinking it multiple times a day.

The Top 10 Coffee Drinks Most Sought After

The Top 10 Coffee Drinks Most Sought After

Coffee is an integral part of many cultures, and it’s clear that its appeal knows no bounds. As such, it won’t surprise you to find out more figures about this beloved beverage.

Now, there are different brew methods that coffee lovers swear by. When it comes to the top drink consumed in coffee shops, Latte wins with 32% of the votes. Cappuccino and Americano rounded out the top 3 most popular drinks at 26 % and 22 % respectively.

The top 10 coffee drinks most consumed globally are as follows:

  1. Latte – 32%
  2. Cappuccino – 26 %
  3. Americano – 22 %
  4. Macchiato- 14 %
  5. Mocha – 8 %
  6. Espresso – 4 %
  7. Frappé/Iced Coffee – 3 %
  8. Turkish Coffee – 2 %
  9. Bulletproof Coffee – 1 %
  10. Cold Brew Coffee – 0.5%

coffee consumption by type

From this, it is evident that espresso-based drinks top the list for most coffee drinkers. We’ve extensively covered different coffee brew methods for our readers’ convenience. Read them out and find your perfect brew.

The Popularity of Black Coffee

The top coffee statistic that we couldn’t ignore is the popularity of black coffee. In a survey conducted by Statista, it was found that around 65% of Americans prefer their drinks without milk or cream added.

The Popularity of Black Coffee

Interestingly, most people in the US believe they can only drink black coffee if they add some sugar. On the contrary, many countries around the world drink black coffee without adding anything to it and still find it tasty. In fact, according to a Turkish proverb “black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love” sums up the way some parts of the world enjoy their black coffee.

Did you know?

Coffee was originally consumed as a beverage in the 15th century – after it was boiled or brewed. Coffee history continues to transcend nations and generations.


From top coffee statistics, it is quite evident that coffee is widely consumed around the world. From top professions to top states, these figures show us the extent of popularity and appreciation for this particular beverage.

Whether you are an executive who loves a strong espresso or a college student who enjoys sipping on a cold brew, we hope this gives you a better insight into the top coffee statistics around the world.

Now all that’s left to do is go and enjoy your favorite cup of joe!

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